We Turn Video Files into Great Video

Whether you had professional coverage and you need someone to take that footage and make polished video content you can share, or your internal team creates their own content with whatever they have on hand. We can take what you give us and turn it into Premium Digital Content. 

We will add intros, logo & title animations, fix colour, improve sound, add custom music and overall lift the quality of the content you share.

Whether its internal events, PR, internal projects, web series, advertising or other content. We can craft it.

Conference and Seminars

We have years of experience covering and editing international and regional conferences and seminars. Let us edit your conference and seminar videos to produce professional quality summaries that you would be happy to share with your clients.

Web Series & Online Programming

Make your online offering stand out and deliver consistent episode to episode quality that will engage your audience over a period of time by working with our team.

Marketing & Public Relations Videos

Focus your marketing videos and make sure you are getting the right message to the correct audience.  Get audience buy-in and brand awareness with our expert editing.

Training & Workshops

We are experienced in training and workshops so we know what it takes to get the best out of your training videos. Let us create videos that will keep participants engaged and get the maximum impact out of any training session.

You NEED Great Video.

Quick Case Studies


Relate worked with JMMB to create a web series for their new information hub  JMMB provided the raw video which we then took and edited to create the final series of videos released on all JMMB social media platforms. The final videos were use to address the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and to update on how to access their services and make wise financial decisions in times of crisis.

We provided:

  • Identity: The logo and its intro animation
  • Editing: Titles and lower thirds graphics.
  • Music: Custom audio from our Content Library

The Client provided:

  • Content: Mobile device videos

These videos were released on Facebook, Linkedin and instagram.

Atlantic Thank YOU!

Relate worked with the Atlantic team to craft a Thank You message video in less than 24 hours. The purpose of this video was to salute Atlantic’s core operations, support service employees, and all other frontline employees across Trinidad & Tobago for their commitment throughout an unprecedented time.

Atlantic provided some of the new content of employee voiceovers, videos and photos shot on mobile devices. We combined these videos with Atlantic photos and videos from our content library and edited to produce a highly impactful, one minute thank you message.

We provided:

  • Content: High quality photos and video from our content library
  • Editing: Logo animation, titles and lower thirds graphics.
  • Music: A corporate sound from our music library

The Client provided:

  • Content: Mobile device video and audio. Stock photos.

This video were released on Facebook and instagram.

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