Relate EVENT CAPTURE SERVICES (ECS) is our suite of services used to record company events. This specifically designed to help your company:-
1. Bolster relationship with your employees and clients, and strengthen your brand awareness in the wider public, by efficiently and rapidly communicating current company initiatives and happenings.
2. Document the journey of the company to track growth and engender institutional strengthening.

Services Overview:

Event Video & Photography
Broadcast Quality Live Streaming
Small event PA and audio
  • Public Relations & Social Responsibility Events
  • Conferences, Seminars and Meetings
  • Promotional & Marketing Events
  • Internal Events & Company Building Activity

ECS Examples:

Unit Trust Corporation
Social Responsibility / Public Relations
Coors Light for Caribbean Ideas Synapse
Promotional / Marketing
APEX Convention Bahamas
Convention / Marketing
4. Event Capture Services | Relate Studios- Independent Strategic Communications & Marketing Company Based in Trinidad & Tobago