A Basic introduction to a BRAND IDENTITY GUIDES (and why you might need one.)

First lets start of with what a Brand Identity Guide is:

A Brand Identity Guide sometimes called a style manual is document that gives instruction on how use a Person or a Company’s brand identity elements i.e. Logo, colours, typefaces (and fonts), video, photographs, music etc. In other words, things that people can see and hear that represent your Brand. It can sometimes even extend into the tactile world depending on the type of product or service that you sell.

Why do you need one?

The point is CONSISTENCY

A Brand Identity Guide is important for a growing business because as the public gains more awareness of your Brand, you want strong and consistent brand elements that they can identify and associate with how they feel about you.

The Brand Identity Guide should be used by you as a solopreneur or if your company is bigger, by management, staff, contractors or anyone who will be using you brand identity elements.

And as we know from a sensory perspective, you Brand identity is the visual and auditory triggers that keep the engine of awareness going. While this is only a sliver of brand identity, at the very least, you want your Brand Identity Guide to indicate your standard colours and how they appear in each medium as well as your logo and its use.

Examples of what’s in a Guide

Keeping Colours Consistent

Your Brand colour may be blue but you can’t use just any blue.

Look at the logos below.

Vimeo and HP logos use the colour blue but both use very different kinds of blues.

Vimeo Logo

This is the Vimeo blue

HP logo

This is the HP blue





For you to use the correct colour every time you have to define what the colour is by standard number and values. When you choose your colours you want to define them like this:

  • Print: Pantone and CMYK
  • Web: RGB, HEX and HSL

For example this the page that we define from the Relate Studios Brand Identity Guide.

Relate Studios Identity Colours

A page from our Identity Guide Showing our colours

This so that no matter where they are appear or who uses them, they are technically consistent.

Logo Use

For your logo use, you can show what colours your logo can appear in and what backgrounds it can be used on. As well as how logo elements are arranged and the size of it etc.

For example this one of the pages where we define our logo use from the Relate Studios Brand Identity Guide.

Relate Studios Logo Use

Another page from our guide show how to use Relate Studios Logo on different backgrounds


We hope this basic intro was helpful. Overall, whether you are building your Personal Brand or you Business Brand everyone needs a Brand Identity Guide so that when you have to present your brand, what you customer sees, hears and ultimately feels will be consistent.

If this was helpful please comment and share.

If you would like us to get more into describing others things that can appear in a Brand Identity Guide or even getting deeper into the technical terminology please let us know.

If you need help creating your own Brand Identity Guide feel free to contact us below and we’ll be happy to help you.


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