So now that we’re halfway through the first week of 2021 and the wave of “Happy New Year!” has subsided, we wanted to engage everyone with what we think is very important exercise. If you haven’t paused and truly reflected on how the events and circumstances of 2020 has changed you, now is the time to do it.

We’ve asked the Relate Team, along with some of our clients and friends “What has 2020 taught you?”and it was no surprise as to what the real emphasis 2020 was for them. Across the board, everyone made reference to one or two things that had nothing to do with business, or even the global crisis. The theme was so clear that we did a Word Cloud of the responses, which you can see just before the last slide. Have a look and see if you feel the same way and if you do let us know what 2020 taught you in the comments.

Thanks again for keeping your relationship with us and always remember that Relationship is more important.

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“Never take anything for granted. Most of all the ability to have contact with those we hold dear and the precious gift of being able to find ways to love each other, no matter how much distance is between us.”

→ Camille Salandy – Manager, Sustainability & Corporate Communications – Atlantic

“Don’t just be grateful, say thank you.”

→ Juma Bannister – Co-Founder & Creative Director, Relate Studios

“The power of gratitude, the opportunity to acknowledge the unsung people, moments and simple memories that we often take for granted!”

→ Lisa-Maria Alexander – Chief Marketing Officer – Trinidad & Tobago at JMMB Group TT

“The true meaning of strength, resilience, persistence & hope.”

→ Tracy Hackshaw – ICT and Digital Economy Strategist 

“Humility, on the individual and system level, leads to a beneficial path”

→ Dr. Allana Best – Family and Public Health Doctor 

“I love and appreciate the people in my life even more; they are why I am who I am!”

→ Nigel Edwards – Executive Director, Unit Trust Corporation 

“It provided opportunities for us to overcome many challenges through teamwork, understanding and mutual support.”

→ Nicol Khelawan – General Manager, Courtyard by Marriott – Port of Spain 

“It showed me how important love, joy and stability is inside of my home.”

→ Nicholas Winter – Lead Editor & Cinematographer, Relate Studios

“As long as you are blessed to open your eyes to a new dawn, there is hope – Embrace It.”

→ Attala Maharaj – Chef & Resturant Owner 

“Crisis requires selfless, empathetic ethical leadership to guide people to a safe place.”

→ Lorenzo Hodges – CEO, Ferreira Optical Limited 

“It reminded me to be still and know that God is in control. A real life reminder of Psalm 46:10”

→ Arvin J.O. Isaac – Entrepreneur 

“In the midst of every crisis; opportunity.”

→ Ayinde N.A. Smith – Co-Founder & Studio Director, Relate Studios 
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Learnings Word Cloud

LOVE each other 

don’t take PEOPLE for granted

always HOPE 

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