It was an excellent time of learning and development at our recently completed Business of Wedding Photography Workshop. The entire room was given exclusive insight and a road map into how Relate Studios built a successful wedding photography business, over their 14 year history of operation in the industry. Nothing was held back and every question was answered in detail, to the point where some time was even dedicated to a short impromptu session on how to craft wedding portfolios. Every participant who gave feedback had good things to say about their experience.

One participant said:

10/10 I received a lot of structures to fortify the weak areas of my business. I also gained knowledge in areas I had no clue about.”

Another said:

“I gain detailed and relevant information on the in’s and out’s of business and it was backed up with experiences…Because of how detailed it was, it felt practical.”

(Event video summary below)


Other participant feedback:

“It was very impactful. I now have a context in which I can view my future business.”

“The event was well put together, the content was all very relevant and I’m glad I attended.”

“I felt that my questions were answered truthfully. Juma and Ayinde spoke well and openly about their experiences and I appreciated that”

“Excellent day. Looking forward to the next one!”

“I felt like the information could be thrown on to business in any field of work and it would still be relevant and effect, not just photography.”

“I very much enjoyed the workshop, it’s information felt very relevant and inspiring…”

The Relate team about like to thank our participants, sponsors Printree Docucentre and Tehilla Media and everyone who assisted with the workshop. We look forward to the next one!


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