Six years after we first did the talk at Studio 30 on building a team, our presentation on the topic is still as fresh and relevant as ever. Proving that these principles are sound and if followed wisely, will help you produce a strong team. It’s worked for us and it can work for you.

Years ago we wrote: “Building a team is never easy but we’ve been tracking the process of building the Relate Studios team and the infographic below represents some of the main methods and processes we use to build our team. This was the presentation we used at our first Studio 30 talk.”

We’ve updated and reposted this infographic, for all our participants who attended the Business of Photography workshop this past weekend because we didn’t have the opportunity to go into it in great detail but we’ve also decided to share it publicly, as a treat for those who couldn’t come to the workshop. Thanks to everyone who attended the workshop and we’ll be sending this out to you first.

(Side note: The site didn’t like that the image was so long so we had to cut it in two).

How to build your Creative Team 2020_sml_top


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