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So far, 2015 has been a year for firsts for Relate Studios.

For the first time this year we did multiple shoots in three different US states with some of our past couples. We had three separate wedding assignments in one day for the first time, one of which was in Tobago. Now we’ve had two full teams shoot separate weddings in Tobago on the same day. That last assignment was particularly interesting because of the sheer physical demand, so I decided to put together some stats and facts, about what mobilizing two teams to shoot two separate weddings in Tobago, actually meant.

The Team from left to right: Juma, Jamiyl, Naomi, Ayinde, Arvin (of Naarlri’s Photoplanet who was second shooting with us that day), Nicholas, David and Dwayne

  1. We had a team of eight; seven guys and for the very first time, a lady ūüôātobagoweddingweekend-2
  2.  Technically we shot three weddings, because even though there were two couples, one of them had two distinct weddings; one Hindu and one Western. Go Team 1!
  3. The first wedding was so long, that the second team was able to come back to first wedding at the very end and relieve them for the last 45 minutes and for that we got cake.
  4.  Everyone on each team shot either video or photographs for at least 8 continuous hours and in the case of team 1 a total of just over of 14 hours per person.
  5.  Talking about hours, based on individual output, the two Teams worked a total of almost 90 HOURS combined.
  6.  Everyone on the team was awake for a full 24 HOURS or put another way, everyone went a full day with *no sleep (*Well some people had some really long blinks in the car).
  7.  To get to the weddings on time, the team took the earliest flight and the latest flight its possible to take, which meant we flew on two separate days; arriving on Saturday and leaving Sunday.tobagoweddingweekend-1
  8.  We had two rental cars one of which looked like this (Thanks to Watty and Tobago United Auto Rentals):tobagoweddingweekend-5
  9.  Between the two weddings we now have just under 6000 images to edit! :-O
  10. According to Jamiyl, Team 1 also shot over 100 GB of high definition video.
  11.  Did I mention we did the BOOTH too?scoonbooth-1
  12.  BONUS FACT РWe now wear bow ties to weddings, however we were short on bow ties so we had to tie a regular tie in a bow style! (Thank you YOU TUBE!)

We also want to thanks Maurice of Maurice Goddard Photography for helping us by scouting locations for the portrait session.

Both teams were able to successfully complete their assignments in spite of lack of sleep, hunger and physical fatigue. Thanks to the team for all of the hard work and sacrifice.



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