We’ve known Makini Regal Brereton (of Makinin Regal Designs) for a while and she’s always been a fan of our work, so when she asked us to be the photographers for a Tobago Style Wedding shoot to be featured in Munaluchi Bridal Magazine, even though it wasn’t our usual flow, we had to say yes. Over the next few months we would have multiple meetings with Makini and Melissa Heholt (of Statice Events) walking through their vision for the shoot. We helped where we could and introduced them to some of our vendor friends, both from Trinidad and on the island of Tobago, namely Natalie Miles of Miles of Beauty ( Makeup artist and photographer) and Melena Simon of Emerald Design and Event Services. We all put our heads together under the guidance of Melissa & Makini and after much planning we able to pull off a Munaluchi worthy, Fabulous Tobago Styled Wedding shoot, which is now featured on their website under the title: Destination Wedding Inspiration from Trinidad & Tobago.


Apart from that, we worked with a great team of professionals and contributors (All of whom are listed on the site.) We however also want to specially thank Aries who allowed the use of the spectacular Ohana Villa  and Recce and Celeste of Celeste & Reece Photography & Wedding Films who loaned us a water proof camera enclosure. They both were asked to help out on the very same day and they both came through for us in a big way and for this we are very, very grateful.

Since the shoot is now published, we thought we’d share a few behind the scenes photos of some of the collaboration of the Tobago Style Shoot team and one image from the process leading up to the shoot.



The Ladies are here in Trinidad & Tobago! Our very first in person meeting at Relate Studios offices a few days before the shoot. From left to right: Shalini, Makini and Melissa

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