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In January of 2014 we made a call: We are working on a small collaborative project and we are looking for a husband and wife married less than a year who would be willing (preferably excited) to don their wedding day attire one more time for the camera. This might be you…”

The response was excellent,  so much so that we chose to work with two couples on this project, even though we had originally only catered for one. Since then, we’ve had to push through many schedule changes and fluxing logistics, but we were finally able to do one of the shoots in late 2014. (About time!)

Our first couple, Eamon & Crystille got married in January of 2014 and didn’t have any professional photographs for their wedding day. As a matter of a fact, when we asked for some of their wedding day pics, what they sent us, was just some mobile phone images, so we were really excited, about being able to create some new, fantastic, wedding portraits for them.

During the shoot the entire team had a great time and we could not have asked for a better first couple. Eamon is s down to earth, relatable guy and Crystille is nothing short of super bubbly, so they made our job really easy.

We collaborated with makeup artist, Natalie Miles from Miles of Beauty, Hairstylist, From Hair On by Candice and we can’t forget Andrea & Takiyah Gordon, who gave us full access to Ad Fontes, their beautiful Bed & Breakfast facility in Santa Cruz, which was perfect for getting our couple ready.

I want to thank the Relate Studios team for all their hard work, and everyone else who worked with us on this shoot. I especially want to thank Eamon & Crystille, for trusting us, to create new, beautiful wedding portraits for them. THANK YOU.

We will be posting the full gallery photographs from the shoot to our wedding blog soon, but here is our Behind the Scenes video and images.

eamoncrystille-1 eamoncrystille-2 eamoncrystille-3 eamoncrystille-4 eamoncrystille-5 eamoncrystille-6 eamoncrystille-8 eamoncrystille-9 eamoncrystille-10


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