Thank You so much for the tremendous response to our call for a shared photography experience in New York & DC. Our past couples emailed in force and we are now fully booked. You can still email us but it can only be to LIME (Hang out). Thanks again and we look forward to working with all our beautiful couple and their families over the few days we have in March.

Hi Everyone,

Normally we don’t announce ahead of time when we are heading out somewhere but on this trip we have some extra time on our hands and we wanted to make good use of it.

We are already booked for something in New York in March but we do have room to fit in a family and/or engagement shoot or two. If you are New York or the Tri State area (DC, VA, MD, Especially if you’re a past couple of ours) and you would like to book a shoot, drop us a mail so we can fill you in on the details of our trip and we’ll see if we can link up and create some beautiful images together. Looking forward to it!

CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US (For Liming only)


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