While one can never tell how a year is going to go,  we are truly thankful to have had an incredible year. Relate has experienced genuine growth and we are maturing as team, a brand and a business.

We are so grateful for everyone who was a part of our process and who contributed to the building of Relate in 2014. We had our times of challenge, we built new relationships, we celebrated, we considered, we supported, we were supported and most of all we matured into greater clarity as to what Relate is supposed to become. We are entering 2015 with great expectation; we’ve added new team members and we are heading into places we’ve never been before. Therefore we say to everyone who has contributed to our growth in 2014 in any way, THANK YOU. Please stay with us on our journey.

This year, we’ve shot some incredible weddings, taught some great workshops and had the opportunity to work with excellent people throughout the Caribbean region and at home. We partnered with the BrightPath foundation to build Elevate Caribbean and we were a part of the TechLink and Tech Camp initiatives, which were held in multiple Caribbean islands this year, including Trinidad and Tobago. We even tried our hand at infographics.

We built the its good to donate blood donation initiative even more, increasing participation by over 400% at our last drive. The momentum and direction of the drive has been so great, that it can no longer be contained by Relate and we have officially transitioned it into a new structure to be announced soon.

We’ve had three Relate Team engagements, three Weddings (See list below) and a baby. The team has worked hard and has grown tremendously and they deserve a resounding public THANK YOU because they are the best team any one could ask for.

There so many more things I can say, so many things that happened this year, but I think it’s best, that we get into some of the photographs of 2014 that may capture some of the things. All of the photos below were taken by various members of the Relate Team and is a mixture of DSLR and iPhone images.

OK first off, three weddings and a baby (not in order):

Wedding 1: Irwin, Honorary Relate guy, who has worked with us on most of our online stuff over they years and has been a guest a countless Relate weddings got Married to Amanda…relate2015-1 Wedding 2: McCleish, who has assisted us on many video and photography assignments got married to Ginelle…relate2015-2and finally Wedding 3: Jamiyl, our core team member and original cinema guy, got Married to Valene. More of us at his wedding below…relate2015-7I helped tie some ties…jamiylvalenegallery-19Since it was his wedding, Jamiyl wasn’t working, so he took the opportunity to interrupt our work with hugs…jamiylvalenegallery-21We took some photos together…jamiylvalenegallery-22jamiylvalenegallery-23jamiylvalenegallery-24

Incredibly, Ayinde did two things that I’ve never seen him do before at any wedding…
1. MCjamiylvalenegallery-26

Not just sway or bob his head, he actually busted a move or two, but I’m not sure if this actually counts, since Marie was there…jamiylvalenegallery-28Now, the baby!  Relate welcomed Sakeri Bannister!relate2015-110The team recorded the blood donation process at Port of Spain Blood Bank. That day, there were so many people, it came to the point where the Blood Bank couldn’t accommodate any more donors.jamiylvalenegallery-1 jamiylvalenegallery-2The team gave blood as well. jamiylvalenegallery-4relate2015-31 relate2015-33 relate2015-35 relate2015-36Many band-aids were involved.relate2015-37 relate2015-38 relate2015-39relate2015-47 relate2015-41 relate2015-43 relate2015-44 relate2015-45 relate2015-46 We enjoyed shooting weddings, engagements and families as we usually do…jamiylvalenegallery-14relate2015-98
And when the full team wasn’t there, we had help from more Relate Extended Team. Thank you Ikechi and Kevin for standing in the cold sea water, to help us get the shots we wanted.jamiylvalenegallery-30Destination wedding Antigua, riding on a golf cart with the bride to check out the venue. Yeah selfies are not always easy.relate2015-69Portrait session.jamiylvalenegallery-52Special mention has to go to this Antigua Destination Wedding where the dancing was like no other that we’ve seen, one of the groomsmen literally danced out his pants. We covered all the angles…The full wedding herejamiylvalenegallery-54jamiylvalenegallery-55jamiylvalenegallery-56Including the bouquet toss.jamiylvalenegallery-57relate2015-72jamiylvalenegallery-58jamiylvalenegallery-20Irwin (from the wedding earlier in this post) helping us out with lighting jamiylvalenegallery-25jamiylvalenegallery-33jamiylvalenegallery-34Justin and Krystle’s wedding portrait session spontaneously turned into a 2 part post on “How we shot it”. Part 1 here.  Part 2 here.jamiylvalenegallery-35jamiylvalenegallery-36jamiylvalenegallery-37jamiylvalenegallery-39jamiylvalenegallery-40jamiylvalenegallery-41jamiylvalenegallery-42jamiylvalenegallery-43jamiylvalenegallery-65jamiylvalenegallery-66jamiylvalenegallery-60jamiylvalenegallery-61jamiylvalenegallery-68We pushed through the challenges of the job…jamiylvalenegallery-62jamiylvalenegallery-46I did a sweet karaoke duet with Noel, in case you missed it (No pics of me singing but we did create a video of it)relate2015-111We didn’t do any major workshops in Trinidad this year (We did do the “How to build your photography team” talk at Studio 30 early in the year) but we did travel to Antigua, St Lucia and Barbados to do training.jamiylvalenegallery-49jamiylvalenegallery-50We did many projects with the BrightPath Foundation…jamiylvalenegallery-69jamiylvalenegallery-70relate2015-74relate2015-66

We forgot to thank this young lady who works at Duty free in the Antigua airport. On one of our wedding trips, we took our hotel safe key to the airport with us by mistake 😮 and we were just about to board, when we realized we had it,  she allowed us to use her land line to call our friend and she kept the key until they could pass by and pick it up. I took a photo of her and told her we’d thank her publicly and now we have the chance. Thank you, young lady, who’s name I cannot remember, you really got us out of a jam.

relate2015-73jamiylvalenegallery-71jamiylvalenegallery-73Selfie in St Lucia!jamiylvalenegallery-74jamiylvalenegallery-75jamiylvalenegallery-76TechCamp ending ceremony (I’m on the far left)jamiylvalenegallery-77Met a former astronaut.jamiylvalenegallery-78

We also did the How to build your photography Team talk at Studio 3o early in the year but we have no relate pics of that 🙁  so enjoy this well designed poster…or you can see a gallery on the Studio 30 facebook page here and our infographic on it here.RelateStudios@Studio30side

And we had special projects…jamiylvalenegallery-5 jamiylvalenegallery-6 jamiylvalenegallery-8 jamiylvalenegallery-9 jamiylvalenegallery-15Big thanks to Reece of Celeste & Reece photography who loaned us a waterproof casing on this project 🙂relate2015-9This is the life, sleeping on the beach, under the cool shade of a tree, during the shoot…wait, what? relate2015-57Shoes and socks got wet so hung them out to dry.relate2015-59relate2015-62relate2015-63

We loved working with Keiran on Underpinnings projects this year, looking forward to doing more projects like these.relate2015-65relate2015-50jamiylvalenegallery-7We ended up selecting two recently married couples for the portrait re-shoot but we only got one session done so far…coming soonjamiylvalenegallery-16 jamiylvalenegallery-18relate2015-76relate2015-82We did some commercial things…jamiylvalenegallery-79 jamiylvalenegallery-81 jamiylvalenegallery-82 jamiylvalenegallery-86 jamiylvalenegallery-87

Uniform upgrades!!! (As you may have noticed earlier) relate2015-85 relate2015-86

Thank you You Tube for teaching us how to tie bow ties!relate2015-150 relate2015-151 relate2015-94To end it all here’s one final photograph of the very last assignment we’ve shot for the year, An engagement shoot, on the 28th of December.

N.B. We haven’t included any Behind the Scenes from our Bequia destination wedding here because we are doing a full post dedicated just to that  in 2015!

See everyone then!



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