So last evening at the Studio 30 talk, (which went incredibly well by the way) Ayinde and I gave a story about one of our early “collaborations” before officially becoming a team. Everyone laughed at the story and we thought it would be interesting to get those photographs and show them, but we’re going to go one better…I’ve found the ORIGINAL blog post from 2007 that I put up on (our very first blog) the day after the shoot.
I have to say, my writing style 7 years ago was a bit different…but the post reads:

Monday, November 5, 2007
Shoot with Ayinde – High ISO, Large Aperture and a side of Flash

So one of my partners in crime Ayinde, asked to me to go on a shoot with him on Sunday last in Port of Spain. I was looking forward to do the shoot with him since I had nothing on and wanted to just “connect” with another photog. So Here’s me thinking I was going to assist with the shoot, but when we got there I realized that I was only the “muscle” cuz Ayinde didn’t want be cavorting with thousands of dollars worth of equipment all around the city at night by himself…yeah it was a night shoot.

So in keeping with all things good and not having to assist Ayinde, I kinda shot the shooter. Yup, and it was gooooood. Shooting a photographer is always interesting you kinda get to see what you look like in action…well, in some part. Plus you get to practice with a subject in a photo journalistic context with out being eyeballed all the time. Sweeet.

Here are some pics.

So you see…the story is true and as the final piece of evidence, here are the actual original photographs I took of Ayinde while we were in Port of Spain.  All original edits, back when I only shot JPEG.

ayindeinportofspain-1 ayindeinportofspain-3 ayindeinportofspain-2 ayindeinportofspain-4 ayindeinportofspain-7 ayindeinportofspain-6 ayindeinportofspain-8ayindeinportofspain-11 ayindeinportofspain-10 ayindeinportofspain-12 ayindeinportofspain-13 ayindeinportofspain-15 ayindeinportofspain-17 ayindeinportofspain-18 ayindeinportofspain-19

For those of you who made it to the very end, the original post is HERE.



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