Last weekend, I travelled to the eastern Caribbean island of Grenada to be a part of the BrightPath TechLink Initiative and receive a TechLink Caribbean Innovator Award from the BrightPath Foundation  for our work in promoting local digital content creation through the Elevate Caribbean initiative.

That same weekend, Ayinde and the entire team were hard at work shooting the wedding of Donielle & Gary (and at this point I have to publicly thank Donielle & Gary for being so gracious to us that weekend).

Over the years as a photography studio, we’ve worked hard in our own space to break the stereotypical view of creatives and particularly photographers in the local and Caribbean industry as selfish and insular, not only by our declaration, by our actions. We are and will continue to be advocates for Caribbean development and specifically youth development. As a result, we are very committed to bringing those with a love for photography together and inspiring them to contribute to a connected, innovative and powerful Caribbean.

We’ve always seen the Caribbean as more than just creative hub for music, arts or fashion. For us at Relate Studios, we’ve always thought that if Caribbean people see themselves correctly, we could build, improbable, nay, impossible things. We understand this this requires more than just education in technical skills. It involves the reshaping of mindsets to allow us to transition to being content producers and shapers of our own identity as Caribbean people.

We see BrightPath’s TechLink initiative as a major step in the journey of defining the Caribbean identity in the digital era.

The BrightPath Foundation and their corporate partner Columbus Communications, are seeking to do something never done before. Strategically and forcefully bring this revolution directly to the people of the Caribbean. While I am personally honoured to receive this award, I don’t accept it on behalf of myself or even Relate Studios, I embrace it, on behalf of everyone who has the capacity to build a better Caribbean.

Caribbean people, technology is transforming our cities, our towns, our villages, and our homes. We, together, have the power to make this transformation positive and successful. We can do it together. We can be part of the revolution!

You can see some other pieces on BrightPath TechLink from my the other Caribbean innovator counterparts here:

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Ingrid Riley Recognized as Tech Innovator
Nerissa Golden Honoured as Caribbean Tech Innovator

Actual Digital version of Article in Trinidad Guardian Newspaper here (Click images to Enlarge):

techlinkawardsarticle1 techlinkawardsarticle2

Now a few images from the trip:

On the way to the Stadium I took some shots out of the moving car.

techlinkblog-3 techlinkblog-4 techlinkblog-5 techlinkblog-9 techlinkblog-10

Grenada’s National Stadium, the venue for BrightPath TechLink


Teaching a Photography 101 class – this was one of best classes I’ve ever taught, excellent feedback, hungry for understanding.

techlinkblog-82 techlinkblog-12 techlinkblog-13 techlinkblog-14 techlinkblog-15 techlinkblog-16techlinkblog-83



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