When we saw the ad for Mark Lyndersay’s talk on Relevance as Phtographer at the newly Launched Studio30 (owned and operated by talented photographer, Antony Scully antonyscully.com). We knew we had to be there. Mark has been around this business since the ’70s and has never stopped.  To Quote Mark I never stopped photographing during the eight years I spent in corporate life and actually picked up my second media award for photography during that time”. He has a truly impressive resume but an even more impressive body of work.

It was a straight forward and sobering talk on Mark’s process in the photography industry to this point. We could probably try to explain and describe everything that he said but thanks to technology, he can do that for himself. Check out the vidcast of the presentation HERE.

Also, Mark will be taking questions on the talk for a version of his column next week. You can send him questions HERE.

At any rate we took some images while we were there.

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